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Return and Refund Policy

Thank you for shopping at Nemalee.

Please read this policy carefully. This is the Return, Refund and Cancellation Policy of Nemalee.

Physical products

Please take a video while opening a package. If the product is found damaged please send the video on whatsapp to the following number(+91-8639421891 ) or can mail the video to valid proof/video no replacement /refund is possible.

We issue replacements for damage of products during transit within 5 days of the original purchase of the product provided the damaged product is return shipped by you intact to an address requested by us. A replacement will ONLY be provided. A refund can ONLY be issued in case of unavailability of the same product.

The placed orders cannot be cancelled or exchanged for another product. If a particular item in your entire order cannot be processed by us, the item can be replaced for an equivalent value or an additional value item considering the additional price can be paid, or a refund only for that particular item will be provided. The refund processing timeline would be 5 to 7 working days considering the type of transaction.

We recommend customers or anyone authorized by the customer to be available at the destination address mentioned to pickup the jewelry in the courier service timings which is typically 9am IST to 5pm IST. In case of person unavailability, a total of two to three attempts will be done for the courier to be delivered. But beyond the specified limit of trying to deliver the parcel at the mentioned address by the customer, the parcel shall be retained at the courier company for pickup by the customer themselves. Again, retainment of the parcel at the courier office after multiple unsuccessful deliveries depends on the location and the courier service. A re-courier will be of course done and the customer might have to bear the re-shipping costs once again.

We recommend contacting us for assistance if you experience any issues receiving our products.

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